The adventure of Jan is my first submission for a game jam

You play as a little girl Jan, her mother developed/created a glove that transform humen or object to its future form.

It is a short adventure lovely story.

I have a lot of fun and good experience creating it, hope you enjoy it too :D

Install instructions

1. Unrar

2. HaveFun!


The Adventure of Jan (Mac).zip 58 MB
The Adventure of Jan (Windows).rar 41 MB


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Nice Game, very fun!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoy it!


cute game ,loved it.


This was a very heartwarming game and I loved it! Not long, difficult, or anything like that but sometimes that is all you need. It is a breath of fresh air to just be able to sit and enjo the message more than anything. Left a follow and I hope for more from ya!


Thanks Grimbag! Really appreciate your review!